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By ssfletch
So the boys and I decided to continue our yearly tradition of a weekend camping trip to the Matagorda Island Natl Seashore area. We went to Sunday Beach last year ( see http://www.texaskayakfisherman.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=232169&p=2174477&hilit=fish+pond#p2173985 ) and had a great time. So we decided to work with Capt Jim Reed and shuttle back out to the same spot this year. The advantage of Sunday Beach is obvious. You can kayak to the marsh in minutes or walk to the surf in minutes. Perfect fishing/camping set up.

We arrived in POC on Friday the 17th at 630am to rain and Josies mini mart where the migas breakfast taco was almost worth the trip alone. At the boat launch, I saw this palm frond. Hopeful premonitions?

Capt Jim met us and two shuttle trips later and we were all landed at the bay side of Sunday Beach by 8am. We set our gear down and proceeded to prepare for some kayak fishing in Mule Slough. Image.

As you can see, I modded my Ride 135 to cadillac status with a sweet Bass Boat seat - Tired of a wet crotch with the older seat option in these boats. My good friend Jorge used my first boat - Ocean kayak Malibu II - and kicked my ass in speed paddling. The Ride is heavy but it's like that old Willie Dixon song - Built for comfort, not for speed.
Anyway - We paddled to the entrance to the slough off the main bay and quickly found lots of rat reds and some flounder. Winds out of SSE at 10-15 and water temps at 60. We used a variety of baits, from gulp jerk baits (watermelon and camo) to Unfair lures Rip N Slash in mullet color. Caught a keeper Red and a 15 inch flounder for dinner, threw back the rest.

By two pm the rain had passed by and we set up camp in the dunes. Kitchen. Tents. Beer. Image

We then walked to the surf side and threw some frozen bait into the mouths of hungry gulf whiting (gulf kingfish) and two Redfish (27-32"). The dunes provided good vantage points for cell phone reception as well.

On Sat, we were up and out on the water as early as can be expected after a night of bourbon, grilled redfish and a campfire on the beach. More rat reds, flounder, and a few trout were landed before we headed back to camp. We found a lot of shorts this trip, with a few notable exceptions. Sunny, calm and dry for Saturday.

By dusk a new bonfire on the beach had appeared and the surf rods were loaded with some chunks of horse mullet I caught with a cast net earlier. Not having the foresight to pack rod holders for the sand, I found some long narrow plastic water bottles that had washed up, turned them upside down and buried them in the sand so just the bottom was exposed. A quick slice with the knife and we had some janky rod holders that at least kept the reels from the sand. I was basting the inside of my mouth with some medicinal liquid when my rod holder squeaked like a rat being stepped on and my rod took off down towards the water. I managed to grab it and winched in this 42" beauty. A quick photo and back into the surf. Image

We were up and out early Sunday and back in Austin for a late lunch. All and all, another successful trip into my version of a Texas paradise.
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By Copperfish
I loved the palm premonition, those are the little moments in life we will never forget. That trip has been on my mind for years, I always enjoy reading others trips to the island. Thanks for sharing
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By yakinthebox
That looks like an awesome trip! If you don't mind me asking, how much did the shuttling cost and any contact info? Feel free to message me. My brother and I have done similar trips on the coast down by the mouth of the San Bernard. I'd love to look into this trip! Looks like y'all had a great time!!!

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By texan4ut
looks like a great time. I have been wanting to do that myself. We usually go to Matagorda and fish 3 mile. Nice to ahve the marsh and the Gulf close together. Need to set up a group trip I guess. How did you mount the seat? I am thinking something similar but I DON'T WHAT TO GET TOP HEAVY AND TURTLE.
By ssfletch
Thanks for the comments. Capt Jim charged us 75 a man for the round-trip so it was 300 total. It took two trips each way with four kayaks, a dozen rods, all our camping gear, huge cooler with ice and beer and food, and whatever else. I don't remember his contact info right now but if you search Google and look for POC shuttle service or fishing guides you'll find him there. in terms of the seat mod, I didn't feel like the boat was significantly top-heavy. It was a concern of mine initially as well but it performed well. i'll post some pictures and a description in the rigging section of the forum if anyone is interested.
By ssfletch
Hey there. So the boys and I have been getting ready for our 2018 annual trip down to Sunday Beach and I just realized that Harvey may have changed things. A quick search and ahem, Sunday Beach is now Sunday Beach Pass.

We are still going, but I am wondering if anyone has fished that area this fall/winter and if mule slough still offers some protection. I'm a marsh rat after all. It looks pretty opened up there now for camping and fishing. If anyone has been in that area recently, sure would appreciate some feedback on general condition of the area now. thanks in advance!

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By Earl
Which weekend are you guys targeting?
Depending on weather (north winds) I may be camped in the general area Feb 23-26. I will be in an olive Ocean Kayak Trident. Probably paddling over from Charlies.



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