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By photofishin
Two days at Surfside beach at the 5th entrance yielded one 18 inch trout and one 5 ft blacktip.
We started out Saturday morning meeting up with friends who were camping at the beach. I came prepared to fish for sharks and bull reds but when we got there, the birds and the trout were in a frenzy! We watched the guy next to us pull in 3 monster sized trout that weighed about 6-7 lbs a piece. We hightailed it down to the San Luis pass bait store and loaded up with finger mullet. Murphy's law showed up and the birds/trout had left. I did end up catching one 18 inch trout. About 9:30am we kayaked out some cut mullet and I got the first and only bigger fish of the weekend. Rough conditions made it tough to keep a bait on bottom. Sunday we tried San Luis Pass for a couple hours with no success. I'll post the shark photos later when my friend sends me the photo. I did get an awesome sunrise photo with my Blackberry yesterday morning. Who says you can't take decent photos with a camera phone?!
By norm9
We were at the same location saturday at BA5 and landed a big hammerhead at night. We were the camp that had the trailer tower. I think there was a white pickup about 100 yards down from us on the left. lots of bait and birds saturday. sunday was awful.
By dolla
I love sunrise in Surfside, always something beautiful. I'm sharing my Surfside sunrise as well below.
Beautiful Morning.jpg
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