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By YakRunabout
Not much new going on so here are some comments and pictures from last year –

For a few years now I have had the pleasure of having a fishing buddy, we’ll call him Mike, for going on trips with. On the way to and from we discuss many topics, often related to fishing. We both feel that our fishing has improved over the years and that these discussions are a large part of that. We have incorporated various sources of information. So, for this one outing Mike wanted to go to a location to test some of his ‘investigating’. His choice was quite good for me, I caught a nice trout in the morning, then a mid-slot red later that day! It’s nice to have a fishing buddy who locates area for you to catch fish!!


I live north of Houston and so a trip to the salt is always a bit of a road trip. I selected this picture to commemorate these trips. While the nice red appears to be the focus of this picture, the real star is Buc-ee’s!! It does not matter what our destination is, there is always a Buc-ee’s along the way –

While we are generally in the salt, a trip to fresh water is fine. Also closer. This shot is from a small lake in the Woodlands. The fish weren’t too active so I took a trip up the bayou – There is a lot going on in June!!
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By YakRunabout
There are many folks that you know through this site, but that you may never meet. Well, I had the chance to head south with Blake where we met up with Ron Mc and his fishing buds to fish Estes. It was great to be able to put faces to the names and to fish in a different environment than I encounter around Houston. It was a foggy start to the day, Blake had more than he wanted with a huge stingray and Lou had the catch of the day with a nice 25” trout.



Any kayak outing gives you lots of sights to see. Clouds add a lot of character to the sky. I chose this picture because of how much it appears to be in black & white, but for the bits of blue sky peeking through.
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By YakRunabout
Speaking of fishing buddies – wow, you join the PACK group, there is a great bunch!! There are many outings through the group and several are weekend get-aways. This pic shows some of the tents from Panther Point.
Also, some fish you catch are memorable for the circumstances – These two mid-slot reds I caught while out there on a very windy day, blowing 20-30mph! Now, these are conditions that I generally avoid, not venturing near the water, but on this day – hey, I was there already! It was an adventure dealing with the wind and the waves, but I did manage to locate these two as well as a small flounder and rat red.


Speaking of memorable fish – It is not every day I catch a 30” red!! So, that is of course memorable. I was fishing 4-5’ of water flowing around a point at a bayou mouth I was thinking that something would be there, and – bam – he took the bait and took me for a ride – Yee Haw!!

There are times when you hook into something and, on reeling it in, it doesn’t do much – just a bit of weight on the line. Sometimes, if I’m lucky it is a flounder just coming along easily, then is hard to pull off the bottom (if he’s big enough), then he finally comes up or spits the hook. Other times it may be an oyster shell that pulled loose, maybe some grass. This time it was a crab. This one stayed on long enough to come on board for some pictures. They can be a bit feisty – When I reached forward to move something out of the way for a picture, both his arms came quickly up toward my hand and the claws both had a loud snap as they came together!! Quite a face when you zoom in!!
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By YakRunabout
OK, I will leave it with a couple of sunsets - - -
The second includes the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the dark blue sky above the clouds – zoom in to see both of the planets.

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By Dandydon
Great fishing memories and observations, Ken...

Loved your photos and praise for Buccee's, our one-stop for gas, food and gear.

And finally you got to go fishing with me, a truly wonderful experience for all...

Let's hope the Valentine's WINTER BLAST left a few fish for us to catch.

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By YakRunabout
Thanks for the comments Don - -
Yup, Buc-ee's is a standard aspect of our trips - cheap ice, gas, food, drinks and the 'facilities'! It would have to be in a recap for the year.
Our trip together will make the 2021 recap - I have the pic of your nice spec!

In reviewing the report I see an abundance of reds! Not that there's anything wrong with that!
But looking back on my pictures, it did seem to be a good year for reds for me. Here's a couple more pics just to show I did take home something other than reds -


Here's hoping the fish found some deep spots to get through the cold -
By OldTownYakBoi
Sounds like a great year of fishing, thanks for sharing. Here’s to hoping 2021 is just as good if not better

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