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By mwatson71
I took my son and his friend to the causeway last night to see if we could scratch out a few fish. There was a fair amount of boat traffic at the launch at 8:45p so we had to wait to get out on the water. Launched around 9p and headed to the causeway. The wind was not bad at all but there was also very little current. I hit a dink speck pretty quickly and then a 17" shortly thereafter. There were a couple of power boats and a few waders under the causeway. Also, the boys were having a hard time in the tandem figuring out the drift so they were struggling a bit and wanted to go to Tiki. We opted for the north side having seen two kayaks headed for the south side. The north side didn't turn out any better, with power boats blowing through the canals so we called it a night and headed in with one lonely trout.
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