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By Yak Dog
This is a late report / video proof that I landed a perfect red :D , we fished the bay early in the morning with little results. My buddy and I moved to a small marsh only to find the tide to low to really work it. We decided to fish the ICW working grasses, points and high current areas. We found the reds and they were hungry, this one hammered my go to jig the Norton 4 ' salt/pepper shad on a 1/8 jig head. He was in three foot of water on a point waiting to ambush anything . We ended up with our reds and a small trout and I lost a good one , my buddy eneded up loosing three all in one area. Hope the video comes up I will have my fingers crossed , I have had trouble trying to post it
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By Neumie
Yak Dog wrote::evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: never mind I cant get this video to post , I really thought I had it :lol:

Is the video on Youtube?

The file you're trying to attach is ".jpg.pdf" which is two different file extensions, neither of which are video files. Before uploading the attachment again get rid of the .pdf and only up load the .jpg.

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