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I went out on Friday with a buddy to fish Port O'Connor and the bite was really good. We had a slightly higher than normal tide which spells TOPWATER in my fishing language. Floating by, the plug just above the seagrass calling down to the reds...."I'm just an innocent mullet who's hurt and probably very tasty, I can't swim very good so I'm just kicking back and forth like an idiot". They were answering the call.

Here's a couple of quick 1 min clips I put together since the full video won't be online until the 9th.

This video was about 10:30am

This one was about 12:30pm

We had very low to no wind until about 11am, then it blew breezy from the south southeast about 5mph until we left around 2pm.
High tide was 2pm with a really high tidal coefficient at 108/111 they predicted 0.9ft, but it got up to 1.1ft.
It was a new moon with moon transit being 1:47pm
Solunar activity was very high, with the minor from 7am to 8am and the major being at 1:25pm to 3:25pm




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