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By Tombo
Caught and released 6 Redfish to 27" this morning. Conditions were a shallow lake with lots of grass. So much so I could only throw weedless swim baits. The larger Redfish took off under the grass, line looked like I was drying out seaweed. Lost two to hooked being pulled due to grass.
This year looks like a banner growth for grass, at the same time provides cover for bait of which there was plenty.
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By GoDoe
Good work Tombo.

I have noticed way more grass too and in places it normally isn't.

I have a theory. The new normal tide level is about 6" higher than the predictions. This has kept more water in the lakes which allows the grass to get a better hold. It doesn't freeze out so badly in the Winter nor do some of the lakes go so dry on low tides also allowing the grass to survive better.

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