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By BlessedAngler
This is my first post on this forum but I have followed it for a a good while and think it's time I contribute. Even though I was wade fishing there is a spot to launch your kayak in the area so I thought I would post this report. I couldn't take my small boat or kayak, which is longer than my boat, out the day before yesterday due to the high winds so decided to go wade fishing by the house. Went fishing with my oldest son along Hwy 100 In Port Isabel. Winds were 25-30 mph according to the weather channel. We ended up catching several undersized trout and one lower slot trout which we released and one slot red which we kept. Only fished for about 2 hours because I did not take my waders and it started feeling cold. We were fishing a dropoff that also had a color change in 3-4 ft of water using Kelly Wigglers paddle tail. Also, we saw a few black drum that were tailing on the sand/shell bar we were standing on. I really haven't caught much black drum on artificials other than gulp or fishbites which I did not have any on that day. Just thought I would let you all know in case any of you target black drum. I put a link to a video of our quick trip. Could have had more footage but when I swapped my battery on the GoPro I ended up with excellent footage of the sky. Forgot to adjust the camera. I'm going to make an effort to post my reports whether I catch or don't. Anyways, Hope this report helps some of you and you all enjoy the video. Be safe out there and God bless.

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