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By Cityfisher
So, after that peaceful trip at Surfside in the rain and not a fish. (Was still a memorable day fishing.) I definitely have the bug. The fishing bug that is! So, I woke up with an idea.
I work over by 249 and 1960 about 8 minutes from Marshall lake, Kickerillo-Mishel county park off 249. I decided to grab a rod, a few lures and throw the yak in the truck before work. Headed over there right after work. Then remembered my fishing license just expired. Quick stop to academy and off to the park.
What a nice park and nice lake.
Threw a spinner bait, Rappala red fin jerk bait, and weightless lizard. Didn't get a bite.
Lots of hidrylla about a foot to foot and half below the surface everywhere. Almost crystal clear water.
About the time the sun started going down and the tree frogs started sounding off with their chirps, started throwing a Cordell Rappala red fin, chrome with a black back. My good luck Lure!
Bam, fish on. Yeah! He was a big 8" long! Lol
Few casts more, bam! Another one!
This one was maybe a pound. :) I lost another in the hydrilla and 1 or 2 more blow ups.
Skunk gone!
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By Cityfisher
By the way, my dad taught me a way to fish that Rappala. It has a lip and runs about a foot deep or more with a steady retrieve.
But he told me to cast, let it sit until the rings are gone, then twitch. Let sit, twitch, then maybe 2 twitches. Let rings disappear, then repeat. It's fun seeing the blow ups!
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