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so i went out to old river, launched kayak at Gou hole boat ramp... im padding out and fishing the bank with no luck, all the sudden i see an ENORMous splash about 1/8 of a mile in front of me... i start flipping out its on go pro and my phone... anyways so i paddle over that way to investigate and there is something gigantic that obviously is out of place... at first i say on cam thats the size of a shark... thyen i think oh maybe jacks? or a school of reds? anyways i get closer and i see it busting on bait fish... or something... i remind you im like 1/4 mile south of I-10... then it disappears... so i throw out a popping cork and pop it 10 times making alot of noise thinking that will bring it out... sure as shit here comes a 5-7 foot BULLSHARK, swims right next to my popping cork checking it out, out of its left eye then swims on... blew my mind. never seen anyyyy shark fishing salt and then i see a bull shark fishing pretty fresh water, i know they can be found up fresh water in rivers etc but wow was pretty cool... saw many gar swim up to my yak... saw huge catfish porpoising in front of me... wtf?! caught nothing. so then i leave and go to the wallisville dam, i start fishing at the boat ramp between the ramp and little fishing pier and proceed to catch 20+ blue catfish on every single cast, i get bored after keeping 4 nice ones and went down to oak island... dead and fort anahuac.. i was the ONLY person there... so on my way back to houston i decide to stop back at wallisville dam and proceed to catch 3 more even bigger blue cats around 18-20 inches... i get down to last piece of cut mullet that i took off my surf pole with 50# braid that i had a bottom rig sitting in the river for...2 hours? nnot a single bite on that all the while im slayin catfish 2 feet under a popping cork on cut mullet... last cast last piece of bait something takes it... its heavy.. im like oh crap im not getting this up on the pier so i run down the pier to the left towards the boat ramp and it tried to make a run for it i horsed it around and up it comes... 6 foot alligator gar.. i slid it onto the sand and hop over the rail on the pier down to the sand and like a DUMBASS i tried to pull the fish a little more onto the sand and being it was my ugly stick and penn reel with only 15lb mono snap goes my line fish turns to the right and scoots into the water with my popping cork... i about lost it i started cussing and threw my pole to the truck packed up my shit got in the truck and drove 90mph down I-10 yelling F*ck f*ck until my throat hurt... end of day...
heres some drone pics i took with AEB mode and merged 5 shots into HDR. i dont really eat catfish but my neighbor does and hes been bugging me to bring him fish especially catfish so hell be happy lol

little video of shark
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Glad to hear you had a good day. I launched at Gou hole once. Never again. Muddy. I saw a guy in a power boat get stuck as the tide was going out, and he hopped out of his boat into waist-deep mud. His buddy had to get some palm tree branches to get him out of the muck, and I saw him belly crawling to the shoreline. Don and I got stuck there at low tide also and had to wait an hour or so until the tide came back in because we were not about to get out of the kayak with mud like that. And, to top that off, the only thing I caught a ton of that day were a bunch of laughs.

If that is a secret spot for anyone (check out other thread where everyone is arguing about that and Youtube videos), you are more than welcome to it. I will never launch there again.

As for Ft. Anahuac, since the freshwater floods there last year, we don't ever go back there either, so I am not surprised to hear that you were the only one there. I like that spot - it's where I first began to kayak fish - but it will take a couple of years before I ever consider going back.
it was a pretty cool day as far as first time experiences with the bull shark and all, but bad for fishing besides the dam, i dont really like freshwater fishing much anymore after gettin a taste of saltwater fishing but hey who can complain about catching keeper catfish on every cast lol and then an almost 6 foot gar (almost) :( also thats the first time ive caught more than 1 catfish besides hardheads or gafftops... and on purpose lol been in texas 15 years now and only ever caught 1 channel cat b4
richg99 wrote:Great report. Well written.

Didn't do you any good cussing on the way home. Should have been pleased ( as I think you really are) with that day.

haha yea youre right about that but a few years ago had that happened i may have destroyed my rods in a blind rage... ya got that anger problem under control now, i felt slightly better after cussing tho lol
TroutSupport.com wrote:Yeah Bull shark definitely go up rivers in some areas. I am not a shark expert though.

ya it was a bull shark with 1 or 2 younger ones the only part of the mama i saw was the initial thrashing and splashing, i saw one of the pups very well tho after they had disappeared near where i paddled to. threw the cork out and popped it about 10 times thats when about a 5-6" one came within inches of my poppin cork checking it out with its left eye. initially thought it was a black tip i didnt know bull sharks had black on their tail but after googling both sharks, it was def. a bull shark, i dunno if u been around on I10 where it crosses old/lost river rufgt b4 the trinity river but this was less than a half mile south of i-10 lol waaaay up thru the masrh between there and trinity bay prolly came thru near spillway who knowsi hear they pup this time of year and do so in fresher water
Chubs wrote:Heh, I like your report style!

Nice job on the cats and almost gar. We're you going to keep it?

I hear you make gar balls out of them or something.

I was going to keep the gar. would be my first kept gar but only doing so cuz oif my good friend from Louisiana loves gar.. or anything i should say lmao he trapped some racoons and skinned and ate them recently... but hes been tryin for a big gar for a year or 2 but really works too much and doesnt have time i told him next big gar i land its yours he was very happy , ole country ass south LA country boy lol gar would def not be a waste for him plus his young daughter and wife loves it as well, otherwise it would be released... i dont plan on keeping every gar only a nice meaty one once in a while if i ALREADY have a home for it prior lol
I've read that Bull Sharks kill more people worldwide than any other shark species. I believe the reason is that they hunt in packs. There are, apparently, just tons of them out there. They go WAY upriver and find unsuspecting fishermen and swimmers in the poorer portions of the world.

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