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By Tombo
Launched yesterday morning at the end of Port Bay road and paddled across to Cape Valero. Plan was to fish the shoreline until I got back to the launch point and dip into the marsh on the way back.
Conditions were nearly ideal, to paddle that is. Mullet were on top with no worries from predators below. Water clarity was good for topwater. One other kayaker and no boats.
I threw my Spook Jr with one half heart attempt from a trout on third cast and that was it. Marsh was void of fish except for an occasional undersized Drum.
Nothing! Was one of the poorest fish catching days on one of the nicest days to paddle. But, was sure nice to be out and about.
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By kickingback
Sorry they weren't there. Like they say, 90% of the fish are in 10% of the water. Finding them is the problem!
When you don't see bait and you are dedicated to catching something then live shrimp on bottom could have gotten you a black drum, sheepshead or flounder. Gulp works well too if you don't have live bait. A simple fish finder rig on the bottom should get you something, even a hardhead!
Thanks for sharing!
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By Neumie
I pretty much just fish Italian Bend in the fall and winter months these days. I've also found that on those ice cream days I tend to go elsewhere, Italian Bend needs some wind to be productive.
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By StevenM
Agreed. Spring Break is my cutoff for Italian Bend and Port Bay
But man I have had some great days out here October through February

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