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Finally got back in the water after a two month hiatus due to a nasty spider bite. It sucked. It really did.
Buddy of mine wanted to hit some lights so I tagged along. I had purchased the 13 fishing concept z which sat around looking pretty for over a month, so I was stoked to finally test it out. Wind was up. (10-15mph) Chop was considerable. Water was high for a change and outgoing. I anchored outside an overhead near a reef and threw dsl opening night. 16" speck first cast. Threw salt & pepper. Another keeper speck. Threw gulp. Another keeper speck. Changed over to tandem vudu and got what I came for...slot red. 24". There was an underwater light well off to my right. The z covered the distance easily. It was something. I actually had to hold back a little. Over the next two hours I brought in several rats and dinks. One rat was a leopard. Beautiful! Took a few pics and watched it swim away. Will be an outstanding trophy next year. Caught another slot at 22" and ended the night with a hog just under 28". Paddled back to the ramp and gave my stringer to some shoreline fisherman that weren't as lucky as me.
First test of the concept z was successful. Smooth tight drag and casts a mile. Now to get it muddy in the marsh...
Sorry about the spider bite, Poleposition, but not about the fish bite. Sounds like you had some fun. You should join in our planned Nighttime Tourney.

On another note, thank you for the report. Without guys like you, DandyDon, Cuervo, Trailchaser, Kickingback, Tobin, Karstopo, Chubs, Drifting Yak, Yaklash and Yakrunabout, and the others who post from time to time, this board would die a slow death. I feel like a small group of us are like treehuggers trying to keep a dying species of salamanders from becoming extinct:
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Man, I miss Old Man T, BrownieBlumpkin, the illustrious Saltykat, and my personal favorite, Capt. Carl.
Thanks, Capt. Shoffer, for trying to animate this TKF bunch with fishing tournaments, good reports & some laughs. I see from my backyard trees that Spring has sprung & it's time to catch some game-fish.
In the coming days Shoffer & I will formulate the Nighttime Tourney©️™️ rules & release them to all interested parties. At this stage, I'm thinking teams of two, all launching from self-chosen locations at a designated time, and all due back to some central location for fish measurements & high-fives.
Thanks for the interest, and let's have some safe fun while cruising the night waters & catching solid fish!
Well done and well said! Great report. It's reports by all of us that keep us coming back. We are hungry for more info. Even when we catch we provide info for other anglers to get out and try their luck. When I post I am expecting to get some feedback as well and I encourage it! It makes this site much better and brings people in more.
Good job!
Great fishing report, PP! Your nighttime skills are obvious & I'd give due credit to the feller casting that fancy Concept reel.
Hope you'll join our NIGHTTIME TOURNEY coming up this May.
After we catch our limit of specks, Shoffer & I will come looking for you... I love sight-casting to big redfish circling over a green underwater light.
Keep up the good work.
"The nighttime is the right time."

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I would be more than happy to join in the Nighttime Tourney. Dandydon and Shoffer, whether in the marsh or cruising lights, I am at home in my yak and appreciate the brotherhood and camaraderie that comes with this community. I have some friends here and hope to make many more. Y'all let me know when and where and I'll be there. Let's do it.
Got you covered for our NIGHTTIME TOURNEY️, mwatson71. Watch for our own TKF tourney thread coming out soon. The rules will be simple & the prizes real cheesy because I think we'll have NO entry fee! How's that for a no-nonsense fishing experience? Money doesn't buy happiness like a limit of nighttime legal fish caught & presented. See you on the water.

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