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I am looking forward to this. To make it fair, the tournament needs to be in May, when the lights really start to happen. We can work on rules until then, but I think it needs to be in the same general spot (West Bay most likely). I am thinking a number of bets - limits (and then longest fish), heaviest legal fish, longest legal fish, etc.
DriftingYak and I are in for the tournament - sounds like fun!! There is a lot more bait in the water in May, as the pic above shows, though anytime between now and then is good.
By May kickingback may be back in the saddle and can join in!

My offer to first timers in the lights still stands - If anyone wants to give it a shot, contact me and we can set up an outing!
I'd be up for a night tourney, which might possibly be my 1st time to night fish too lol. So long as the the rules don't say we gotta release all fish ;) I'm not so good at fishing yet so anything I catch it's a real treat normally.

Just need to get the go ahead from my wife (two young babies you see).

May would probably be better for me too since I'd not worry about falling in and dying from hypothermia as much :)
You're IN, Chubb, & please don't worry. I've personally saved two capsized kayakers from drowning (or bad water-logging), one at night who made his first cast, then fell into 10-ft. canal water. Gotta watch out for newbies & family men yakkers like you!
Last Fall I also capsized at night in a deep canal & barely made it to a nearby pier because I hailed my Outback in while swallowing water. Shoffer saved me w/ CPR chest compressions because he was afraid to kiss me month-to-month. I've reconciled myself to that cruel reality, & still allow him to fish w/ me. Nobody's perfect.
Welcome aboard, sir! We'll have a fantastic NIGHTTIME TOURNEY️!!
(This May. Start pre-fishing now!)...

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For all that are planning on going, since people may launch at different times or spread out, make sure to bring your UHF radios! Channel 69 to call others for best biting lights or locations of others out there at night. Check your lights and batteries of radio and other night time needed items. And most of all leave your worries at the launch and have a blast if this will be your first mass nigght trip out.
Sorry, KB, but you ain't in charge of this Nighttime Rodeo. I am. We'll allow marine radios but no Ch. 69 for you or others. That's my channel w/ Shoffer. Also no cheating by radioing bogus lights or bait information. Where & when we launch and re-assemble is still up in the air. Shoffer is busy w/ legal duties now, so more information shall be forthcoming.
The rules shall be fair, but enforced by me. If any questions, please contact Shoffer.
Thanks for listening. This team Nighttime Tourney️ will be the best fishing tournament ever held on TKF. God bless & secure your scupper holes, men!

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I know it's early Don and I know you are the "boss" of your Nighttime Tourney️, but I thought I would ask you to start a new thread for people to sign up and start planning your Nighttime Tourney️.
I know it's still a little more than a month out but I wanted to see a sea of kayak's at your Nighttime Tourney️!
I have been working my arm and am ready to go! I will be doing a scouting trip on Wednesday, 7 March to get my arm accustomed to the yak again. Heard I could catch a few if I played my cards right!
Will let you know what's biting and on what. Cheers bro.
That's a good idea, KB.
No need for us to "hijack" any more TKF threads regarding the NIGHTTIME TOURNEY.
Let me confer with Shoffer after he gets free from some non-stop legal depositions.
We'll start a new thread in the next few days for all those who want to join in.
Meanwhile, we welcome any reports that might shed light on the nighttime fishing. Thanks for your interest. Looking forward to our tournament this May.


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