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Kayak fishing the Lone Star State...

By Matt38TT
6 Trout 3 Redfish
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By rasaid
Hey Really Appreciate the Post!
I hope to be in AP next week for the first time since the big one. Do you mind any tips regarding conditions, were you launched and did not launch.. I just don't know what to plan for but it's been a really long time.....Many thanks!
By Matt38TT
I launched down from Southbay (now gone) at the Casino sign, worked potholes (5 trout 1 redfish). Also launched at the sail boat channel (2 redfish and 1 trout). Redfish were tailing everywhere, my buddy gone one on video. The water levels are extremely high and there were downed power lines at both launch spots. The folks there are happy to see you because they want to get their economy going.
By rasaid
Welcome comments Matt. I'll be in thoes areas Tues pm-Friday next week after a really long time out of the water as have so many.
I'll make a point of posting too.

I would imagine the local folkswill be glad to see a tourist like me!
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By Zackthefisherman
Thanks for the report. My brother and I will be down there Saturday for the first time since Harvey. It sounds like we won't be alone.
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By StevenM
Tides were really high this past weekend so be careful parking along the causeway.
The fish are there they just seem a little more spread out since the bull tide
Yes the locals will be glad to see you, they’ve been through a lot and still a long way to go.
I’ll be back down Wednesday again till Monday or Tuesday

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By GoDoe
I bet those tailing reds were in the spots that we used to park our trucks with these crazy high tides
What did you tie today?


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