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By TrailChaser
Took the day off to check POC, and make a video for my youtube channel since the winds were forecast to be single digit for the day.

The reds were there in good numbers, but the water was so low I couldn't get into my normal spots,. I just spent the day checking out the shorelines.

That paid off with 8 slot reds, including my first double hookup with both being in the slot.

I got some footage on the gopro. Here's a link to the video. https://youtu.be/eWgIIFTR8xU

All were released. #CPR


another view of that pair.

Here's a "Great tools doing work" shot.

Classic Curling a Redfish Pose
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By TrailChaser
Thanks guys, I have a blast.

Sideler wrote:Love the pictures and video. What type of camera and head gear mount are you using?

The camera is gopro hero 5 black with a polarizing lens mounted on it. My head hear is just an old hat that I mounted a gopro bracket on with a bolt.

They don't make a decent lens mount for the hero 5 yet, so I made my own out of aluminum.

Here's my hat mount with my old hero 3.
By JDRProductions
Excellent report and great photos. A buddy fished POC last Friday also and hammered reds on his solo skiff. I wanted to do the same yesterday and today but the howling winds kept me from venturing out on the solo skiff.
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