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By fishsaint78
Im thinking about getting a new rod and reel setup for crappie. Im wanting something thats really sensitive. Any recommendations?

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By texnomad
I find that my 6'6" trout rod does a wonderful job on white bass and crappie. It is a
Shimano Stimula in light action. 20# Windtamer in yellow with 12# Stren leader.
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By kickingback
I find that a long rod rated for panfish is the best. 7'-12' crappie poles are available at Academy and you can feel the rod there before you buy. I use 10' crappie trolling rods I bought from Academy. You basically want a light weight rod with a very flexible rod tip to "set the hook" when you feel or see the thump. Watch some YouTube videos of "Crappie spider rigging" or Crappie 10' poles or "best crappie rod" and you will find a ton of videos and tips on buying and using them.
I also use the Bass Pro Mighty Lite rod and reel which is only 4' long and it works well in tight areas around bridge pylons.
Good luck!
By hipshot
The best setups I've found with spinning gear have been 6 1/2 to 7 foot light action rods with a light reel (but make sure it has a large diameter spool -- those tiny spools on some UL reels just create extra line twist). Make sure the reel has a smooth drag. Load it with 6# or 8# braid or Fireline and use a 4# to 6# fluorocarbon leader. If you really want to have some fun get a good Shimano or Daiwa BFS levelwind, load it with 4# fluorocarbon, and get a matching 6 1/2 to 7 foot rod.

I use this type gear to cover water prospecting for white bass during the spawn, then switch to a UL fly rod when I find them. A slab crappie or a 15"-16" white bass will be a ball on these rigs.
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