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By Retired55
I’m New to the Kayaking world. I’m looking at the Cabela's advanced angler kayak 120 kayak. I have not found much review on this kayak. I was wondering if anyone has one or used one and what they thing about it? My 1st priority will be for Fishing purposes and my second priority will be for Duck hunting.
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By richg99
Just my opinion.....there are so very many proven kayaks on the market.

If I were buying my very first yak, I'd be CERTAIN to try it before I bought it.

Most of the well-regarded shops both have Trial Days and rent yaks every day of the week. REI rents them, too. Most yak rental agencies rent yaks. Lots of guys on this group would probably be glad to let you paddle their personal yaks for a short while.

Try it first....buy a proven model if you can't. Just MHO. richg99
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By BassnGal
I agree 100% with the previous response. Cabella's just got bought out, if I am remembering correctly- so if it is "Cabella's brand" you may have no warranty protection. I own a Hobie and love it...there are tons of others that are well made and worth the cost. Try it before you buy is a great motto in kayak fishing. Sitting to fish is difficult for some and standing in a kayak can be tough, too- even in a stable kayak on flat calm for newbies. So know where you want to fish...and what feels best to your style of fishing. Good Luck!
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