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Bass Fishing north of I-20
By zimmer0
New to the area, south LA transplant. Havent decided if im bringing my kayak when i move here permanently but am in the area for weeks at a time. Looking for any bank fishing spots in the mean time. Have a couple setups with me this week and looking to go fishing omce the weather clears up.

I did download an older bank fishing map but not sure how recent it is.

Thanks in advance
I have a son up that way. When we visit, I often take an early morning and drive over the I-35E bridge over Lake Lewisville...Northwards.

Immediately as you cross the bridge there is an entrance to Arrowhead Park on the right side. You can easily miss it, so check it out on a map first.

It costs a couple of bucks to get in. Inside, you will find four or more boat launches down a couple of side roads. I've caught decent LM bass casting rattletraps from those shorelines and ramps.

I've seen a few snakes crawling around near the rocks next to the ramps, so watch where you step.

Nice place to walk and fish for a couple of hours. richg99

p.s. I just checked an updated map. It appears that there is now some sort of a boat rental place at Arrowhead Park. It is news to me.
https://www.google.com/maps/place/Lewis ... 96.9713981
I know this is an older post but I was thinking about heading to the tower bay side next Saturday 7/30 and fish the old boat docks and boat storages. I have done well there in the past but have not fished in many years. let me know if you want ot meet up there and fish
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