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Bass Fishing north of I-20
By t100
I'll be hopefully bringing my kayak this year to my inlaws for Christmas. They live near Joe Pool. What are some other areas that are a must fish destination? I typically fish the lower Colorado River, any good parts on the trinity? Looking to get some bass
Thanks in advance.
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By richg99
There are a couple of boat launches on the East side of I-35E on the North end of the bridge which crosses Lake Lewisville. I believe that the area is known as Arrowhead park??? You pay a few bucks to get in there. It is a bit tricky getting off of I 35 E at exactly the right spot. Watch out.

One of my sons lives in the Carrolton/Lewisville area. I have walked the Arrowhead?? shoreline a number of times. Caught some nice 2 or 3 lb bass on rattletraps from the shore.

Nice protected coves and you can fish along the highway bridge trestle. All in all a decent place to use a yak, I think. I've never had my yak along with me when we visit, though.

By on a mission
So you will be in Cedar Hill. Check out the tanks in Tangle Ridge. I used to fish them in the 80s and 90s before developed and caught tons of bass. Or hit Whitney, its only an hour away. We are 7-8 ft. high and stained right now. I stay off the Trinity close to DFW. The Paluxy and Brazos are other options around Glen Rose. Good Luck
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