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By SGarrison
Im new to the site, just got my kayak wet for the first time today at eagle mountain, if anyone is in the area and wants to get a line wet at Bridgeport/eagle mountain/marine creek give me a holler. I'm off Wednesday and Thursday for the time being. I live a little sw of Boyd.
By SGarrison
I think I'm gonna put in on eagle mountain friday, the north end (Newark side). Weather is supposed to be nice 79°. Probably late morning/noon. If anyone's interested let me know.
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By Gunther07
pauldmarine wrote:Is anyone active here? I'd like to find someone to fish with.

I'm up for some kayak fishing, just my work schedule is kinda wierd
May meet up with folks on weekend early morning or Friday afternoon. Have to schedule ahead of time.
Newark ramp has good water right now. Either far right from boat ramp or left her homes.
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