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Bass Fishing north of I-20
By ESC1986
Eric here from Weatherford Texas. I am not new to kayak fishing but I am new to the North Texas area. I grew up in the hill country fishing Medina, Braunig, Canyon, Calaveras, And all up and down the coast. However, I have recently moved to Weatherford and live less then 2 miles away from sunshine lake. Has anyone ever yak fished that lake before? if so, is it worth loading up and trying it out or just heading straight for Lake Weatherford or Mineral Wells? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
By ESC1986
Update on the Lake - Simply not worth the time of even launching. There are simply to many variables to this lake. Its very shallow, over fished, and from recent rains everything has retreated to the creek which is blocked by fallen trees about 75 yards upstream. I caught two flat head and fowl hooked one carp. I will be fishing lake Weatherford or mineral wells from now on.
By ESC1986
I have heard that it's picking up very well at Granbury. I have some free time this coming week that I'm going to put towards getting on the water. I may have to try out Granbury if it's worth the trip. I Look forward to hearing your report.
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By Caccrawfor
I must say that it was a great morning to get out on the water, but as far as the fishing goes not so good. I am sorry to report that neither my wife nor myself got one bite. But it was still a great morning on the water. With the best fishing partner ever.
By ESC1986
Any day on the water is a great day. Unfortunately, I can't get my wife near a kayak. I'm going to try and do an evening launch at weatherford lake this week and toss some artificialls. I'll report back and let everyone know what's biting out there.
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By cowtown_cobra
Weatherford has some good crappie and small blacks . Only problem I have is limited access , only place I know ow to launch is by the marina which has limited hours, If anyone has the scoop on Weatherford im all ears as I work in hudson oaks and would be down for some evening action. , not to hijack your thread or anything
By ESC1986
No worries at all, hijack away! Lol. I haven't had much time to get in the water lately so I'm curious to see where everyone else is launching and catching fish at.
By Msmith4966
I prefer Mineral Wells over Weatherford but I heard the crappie bite is great right now on Weatherford. Biggest problem with both lakes are you have to know where to go but with a Kayak you can launch in several areas of Weatherford because of the parks and not needing an actual boat launch.

Mineral Wells has the state park you have to launch at but there are a lot of good crappie piles close, also it is a deeper lake with lots of drop offs.
By mdeford09
has anyone actually ever even caught a bass out of this lake?

i have fished it numerous times and caught carp and a few species of catfish but I have never seen a bass pulled out of there.
mdeford09 wrote:has anyone actually ever even caught a bass out of this lake?

i have fished it numerous times and caught carp and a few species of catfish but I have never seen a bass pulled out of there.
I finally did! Was a small largemouth trolling a ratltrap though huge schools of bait.
I just moved pretty close to there so Ive tried it a couple more times to find a better spot to launch than the ramp
Fyi the ramp is super slick with moss, fell in a few times...

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