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Bass Fishing north of I-20
By stxfisherman
Went out to white rock this morning and manage two bass. Caught them relatively quick then nothing for the next 3-4hrs. Still can't figure out bass fishing!


By dmaxwell
Very nice! I've had a hard time myself with figuring out that lake. It seems I'm always fishing the wrong pattern. A friend of mine can yank them out pretty well with chatterbaits along the shore.
By stxfisherman
Glad to hear I'm not the only one that struggles there! I tried some chatter baits as well without any luck. Those two were caught right against brush, tight to cover. Maybe they were a little deeper than I was looking.
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By cliftonio
nice footballs

if I can't catch them on a Texas or Carolina rigged dinger or creature, than I go without (proud of myself that I really have kept sanity with my bass fishing arsenal)

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