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Hi all, I am new to Kayak fishing and have not fished in almost 15 years. My last hobby was golf but I have a bad back and can no longer swing a club. I decided to get back into fishing instead. I did not want to go out and buy a 20,000 bass boat so decided I would try kayak fishing. I recently purchased a used fishing kayak and quickly realized it would be more fun to have someone to fish with. None of my friends are into kayak fishing so I am hoping someone on this site might need a partner to go fishing with. Plus with my bad back it can be a pain to load and unload by myself.

A little about me. I live in Saginaw, close to Fort Worth, Marine Creek, Lake Worth and Eagle Mountain Lakes. These are the lakes that I would probably fish the most but I do want to fish some of the other area lakes like Ray Roberts and Lake fork. I here they are really good for bass. I am retired military and do not work so I am free to fish just about anytime.

If there is anyone out there looking for a fishing partner please get back with me and lets go fishing.
I've had my kayak for about 2 years and bought it for btb. It's only been out once due to time restraints. I live in ftw near Keller so I'm in your area. I don't know any good spots but I agree.... Fishing is always more fun with company. Texoma is closer then fork and another option as well. Also grapevine lake.
I live in Fort Worth and go to TCU and the quickest way to find fishing partners is to do a few kayak tourneys, you will find a lot of guys that know the area that are all about finding new fishing friends.

Drop me a PM if you ever want to get a line wet
I just moved to Dallas from Houston and while I've bass fished on private lakes my whole life, have never bass fished in large public lakes or deeper water (except one in lake fork when I caught nothing last fall). So many lakes around here I don't know where to start. I will miss bay fishing, but excited to learn to bass fish. Is this the best forum for someone in my situation to find people to fish with around DFW? Is there a tournament schedule posted anywhere?

I'm going to search the forum for "white rock lake " later. My brother lives next to it and I'll be keeping the kayak there. If be interested in fishing anything within 90 minutes of DFW.
I've had quite a bit of fun on Lake Grapevine with catfish and sandbass. If the weather will ever start behaving when I am able to go fishing, I'll put up a post. I usually fish there right after work during the week since it's only 20 mins from my job.
Stop by Mariner-Sails in Dallas of 35 between Royal and Walnut Hill if you're in need of equipment.
They host a working man's tournament on Thursdays from 6-9 pm. The next one will be at Marine Creek in Fort Worth. It's a small lake near the community college. Last week the winner had 71" total. I made off with a single 14" that was legal but I got there late and don't have a clue what I'm doing. I caught a sunfish and a 7" bass as well as 2 unhooks and some nibbles so there's some activity there.

I'd love to go marsh fishing around Matagorda so if you hear of anyone getting a trip together be sure to post or PM me. I've never been and my wife and I would like to try for some Redfish.

Hello my name is jimmy, I am fairly new to kayak fishing and iI am also looking for some guys to fish with. I work in west texas and am home for 5 days at a time so could do weekends or weekdays. I live west of ft worth in springtown so give me a text if someone would be interested 817 905-8654.
Hello, welcome to the area! I am in the same boat as you, so to say... I'm also new to the kayaking and fishing thing. And it's been awhile for me to be out on the water fishing. I live here in Saginaw and go to Marine Creek lake often. PM me when you can and we can get together to go on the water soon.
I caught this one on the N/E end on Marine Creek this last Saturday (7-25-15). I had also caught several others that were a little smaller and tossed them back.
If you see me on the water, holler out and say hi!

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