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By wardtodd2
I dont think one exists. I might be willing to work with others to start a DFW kayak fishing organization of some sort. Maybe a TKF chapter? There could be tournaments etc...

I've started businesses before so seems pretty straightforward.

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Selfish1 wrote:There is DFW Kayak Fishing Facebook Group. Also, Mariner Sails, the local Hobie Dealer, sponsors a kayak fishing group.
Does the fishing groups have kayak tournaments? If not do you know of any in the metroplex?

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By Roger S
There is a DFW chapter forum here. It hasn't been active since 2014 and i'm sure that if you registered in it you could get some action going with a little effort. As a case in point HOW (Heros On the Water) sprung out from it at the very beginning.

Stubbs has said he'll get it going again if you guys want.
By raybyrd81
Hey guys, Ray here, i live in North Fort Worth and have a couple buddies who i kayak fish with. We normally hit Eagle Mountain Lake and paddle up the Trinity from there. Definitely would be cool to link up with some other guys in the area (North Texas) to check out some new areas with.
By PeterPP
I'm new to this business, but I want to try fishing from kayaks. I bought this one myself. Let's see what a catch I will have.


Usually I'm fishing from a boat and I like sea fish. Recently, I re-equipped it and installed an additional light. I love my baby:D :D :D

By ifeliciano
roger.simonsen wrote:
RandallW20 wrote:We used to have a DFW TKF group. It faded away years ago.

Yeah, we had a pretty good group with monthly gatherings. Don't know why it faded away, we had some good times.

Sure did. We had some great GTG. I stepped away due to busy family life. My son still speaks of you, Roger. He was like 5 or 6 and you were getting him acquainted with fly fishing.

I think what kill it was the little recession we had during that time.
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