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Bass Fishing north of I-20
By wardtodd2
I went out on Lake Lavon today with nothing but a bag of plastic worms. I gotta say it was really nice because I wasn't tempted to change lures all the time. I could just relax and fish. I'm taking some advice from the pros and just focusing on one lure at a time for a while to get better. Many suggest to start this approach with a bottom dragging lure like a texas rigged worm or jig.

So I'm just going to hone my worm skills for a while.

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By texnomad
That is very smart move. I carry two each of five lures now days. That quantity is dictated by the size of the plano box that fits my shirt pocket. Started that last year and still eat fish as often as I have the desire.
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By kickingback
Yep, definitely the way to fish!
Then there is me. Bring 6 rods each with a different lure and carry a big ass tackle bag with even MORE lures and never touch them on a trip out! I get so anal at times about having to have other lures on the boat.
Gonna do your trip when I know I may turtle or need the light weight to go a long distance.
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