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By redhawk89
I've heard this is a fun stretch of the Brazos with great bass fishing. I've also read on a couple sites that it's subject to low flows. Does anyone know this water well? I'd like to go out there and bring my SeaEagle Foldcat 375fc. It gets grounded in about 6 inches of water or less when weighted down. Took it to the Guad recently and had to hop out multiple times over shallow water. Didn't mind. It would be a pain in the ass if I had to truly portage it for 50+ yards because it's heavy.

I've fished it several times in my kayak. I've only done the 20 miles from hwy 16 to hwy 4 once. All the other times I've put in at hwy 16 and either gone up river to the dam or down river about 3 or 4 miles and back. Fishing is great and it's a beautiful place. If the flow is under 250 cm and you did the 20 miles down river you may have to drag or walk your raft thru some shallows but none over 50 yds, most under 10 or 20. Not what I would call an actual portage tho. You would never be on dry ground, just some places where you would be pulling over a shallow gravel bar or some shallow, larger rocks. It's a fun river. I would do it in that boat. I just bought a canoe and will probably be taking it down there next month for another 3 day trip (even tho I said I wouldn't do another one after my last trip). Here's my post from that trip
https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic? ... source=app

After thinking about it. That boat may be difficult to navigate a few areas where there's longer, narrow stretches (maybe a hundred yds long) that have a some low over hanging trees and such. They're plenty deep enough but kinda narrow for that raft and the trees would add to the difficulty. I still think it's quite doable but may be a little more effort than you're looking for.

And heres a link to check water flow below PK
USGS Current Conditions for USGS 08088610 Brazos Rv nr Graford, TX

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By redhawk89
Thanks for the response! Exactly what I was looking to hear. I tried clicking on your article and it looks like maybe the link no longer exists? Anyhow, appreciate the tips.

When you did the 20 mile trip? How long did that take - 3 days?

Malibu Extreme

Where are you located ?

Fishing buddy or buddies?

Sounds good! Thanks!

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