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29°52'55.61"N 95°11'9.37"W

Anyone ever launched or tried to launch from here? Can it be done, or worth the effort?
I am looking for a freshwater place or two to try after a few years of occasional marsh fishing for redfish.
Looking for places within an hour from central Houston. Also thinking to launch from Ponderosa and fish northward some weekend for one of my first fresh water outings.

Wanting to take the girlfriend and do this myself but I've been told the break ins at the parking lot is almost daily. Trying to find somewhere good to go put her on some fish. I normally go bass fish old river but the water is so dang high right now I went and its out of the banks and up into the trees making lure fishing pretty difficult. I think I'll get some minnows for her though.
Malibu Extreme

Where are you located ?

Fishing buddy or buddies?

Sounds good! Thanks!

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