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By Ron Mc
that's a pretty fish.
My family is from western TN, I went to school in Nashville, and often visited my grandfather on his farm, my nearby aunt (awesome cook), cousins, etc.
The country is all bluffs and muddy bottoms, farmed since the 1820s.
The highways through the bottoms are lined with "borrow pits", where they take fill when needed to reinforce the highway berms.
Every one of these vertical potholes is loaded with big bass. No better place to drop a jig or carolina rig - it's literally fish in a barrel. Several times took my cousins, and we brought home stringers of 4-5-lb bass to fillet for dinner.
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By Ron Mc
probably max aggression color, though it could be hiding in the shadows.
Most fish we look at are showing us their aggression. I've caught December bass over dolomite slabs that came up marble white because their metabolism was too slow to turn on their aggression colors.

here's a deep-shadow endemic bass brought up from deep chute along the cypress roots

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