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By Rkylewhelan
I've renewed my interest in fishing and kayaking after "accidentally" catching a 6.5lb largemouth off the bank on Lake Lewisville when my brother was in town. I have a scupper pro two hatch model that I purchased when I was a teenager about 17 years ago that I've rigged up a bit to make it a little easier to fish. I've been going out on the north end of Lake Lewisville the last few weeks early in the morning with zero results. Rather than accepting the fact that I'm just not that good at this I decided there just weren't any fish in the lake! I decided to grab a Deeper Sonar to aide in my search but all it's done so far is show me that the fish are exactly where I thought they were, I just can't catch them!

So, what would y'all cast into these two scenarios? I tried a Texas rig, crank, and spinner on these two spots. I also threw out a spook when I saw some topwater activity but after 3 hours the last two weeks I've had no luck.
By rippyro
Black and blue Finesse jig with craw trailer
Drop shot
Dark ribbon tail work tx rig worked slow
Weightless senko

Those are my Staples when it's freaking hot, low, and the bite is slow.

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Where are you located ?

Fishing buddy or buddies?

Sounds good! Thanks!

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