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By Luckee
The answer to this question may just be "no," but -- if you were in Aransas Pass and wanted to go out for freshwater bass instead of the coast, what would you do?

By the maps, it just doesn't look like there's much in the way of fresh water in a half-hour/hour zone around that town.

Sounds like Choke Canyon reservoir has got some gators in it . . . not sure about paddling there in a folding boat :D
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By texnomad
Several locations within an hour. The largest place is Lake Corpus Christi and I have kayaked there. The rivers that flow into the bays have bass in them and are accessible. The Mission river is one I have fished. Just check Google maps for the rivers and public access points.
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By Luckee
Thanks txnomad! I did look at a couple websites with Lake Corpus Christi information, and gathered that there are bass but more catfish. Seemed odd that there's no mention of bass fishing there if you search this forum -- but then again, that could be a good thing? :D

I'm asking of course because one of my days down there, Sunday, is looking pretty blowy by the forecast, and backup ideas are always good to have. It's a long way to go from Austin to get blown off the water, but one of these days I'd like to see what it's like to hook a redfish!
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