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By Luckee
After last visiting in 2011, I'm finally getting a chance to spend a week in and around Austin again! Very psyched!

Back then, I took a kayak out to Lake Bastrop and thought I had died and gone to heaven. There just seemed to be bass everywhere, and the lake is a size I really like; small enough to get around with some determined paddling, but big enough that you feel like you've got room to explore.

Heard there was a big fire on the lake not long after I visited. Hope things have recovered.

Can/would anyone recommend similar bodies of water for a kayak fishing visitor who loved Bastrop Lake? Again, size of water isn't a big factor; I've been more of an expedition-type kayaker in the past, visiting places like Naknek Lake and PWS in Alaska. I can deal with some wind :)
By Cigarsnjeeps
Buescher State Park in Smithville is a nice small lake that doesn't allow motor boats. Nowhere near as big, but a nice quiet place and a nice park as well. 10 miles east of bastrop.

@cigarsnjeeps on IG and Twitter
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By Luckee
Thanks very much guys! Somerville looks a little bigger, which is great; Buescher is small, which could also be good; and Fayetteville looks just about like Bastrop :)

Appreciate the help! If you ever come to fish the San Joaquin delta for stripers & bass, or try the salt in Santa Cruz, hit me up for some data.
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By Blue Devil 7
That fire didn't effect Lake Bastrop, so it is still good to go. You could also explore Decker lake (AKA Walter E Long) just east of Austin. It is a good size to paddle and has some varied terrain to cover with the reeds and the rip rap along the dam. Also a good place to troll deep for hybrid stripers. You said you can handle some wind, but I'll warn both Decker and Fayette can get sporty if the wind gets brisk.
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By Luckee
Yep, Bastrop is still much as I remember it!

I saw two cool things there this morning: one was a wildcat patrolling the shore just after dawn, and the other was -- a catfish hitting a topwater popper! I'll be damned. Fought alright, too. Managed that event and a half dozen bass, half of them pretty good ones, before the wind convinced me to give it up.

No shortage of power boats out, but it was a Saturday, and a kind old guy at the launch mentioned they were having a "paper" tourney to benefit veterans.

So great to get out on nice warm bass water again :)
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By Luckee
AND fwiw I got out on Fayette this morning!

Pretty stiff wind even at dawn. And a good half-dozen boats Doesn't anyone work weekdays any more ? :)

I sought out some sheltered insides of points SE of Oak Thicket park, and, after two fruitless hours with a popper, acknowledged that they weren't going to take it. After switching to leechish fly with a marabou tail I started get lots of takes. Couple of decent fat ones too!

Would love to fish again tomorrow, but churning around in that wind was a chore. I'm pooped. There seems to be plenty of Springtime wind to go around, between the coast and here.
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By Luckee
It was like a small miracle: two whole hours on Bastrop without a single bass boat for company! And all it took was a tornado watch :D

Tiny bit of visible lightning and thunder, but the storm was dying/passing at dawn, and by 9 it was crisp, clear, and cool, with only a handful of boats around.

Some of you guys who fish Bastrop may recognize this guy: Image

I've got him and another really great topwater take on gopro video too. Great morning out there!
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