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By MiguelBJJ
Sorry if this has been asked before but, does anyone have side imaging on their kayak? If so, what kayak/sonar do you have?
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By TxSpeedster
I am interested in dual or side imaging systems as well.

In the mid 90s I had a cheapie fish finder that used two transducers. I believe it was meant to mount on a trolling motor; one under the motor and one on the shaft. The shaft mounted transducer was 'aim-able' by using the steering tiller to direct the transducer beam in up to a 360 degree sweep. (Just remember to alternate directions or the cord would wrap tight on the shaft. I had mine mounted on a PVC pipe rig attached to the side of the canoe. I think it was made by Humminbird. It was pretty trick for the day... A poor man's 360 imaging sonar :lol:
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By kickingback
I have two yaks and I made it so I can put the Helix on both. On my Hobie I placed the 1-1/2"ball for my helix on my seat on the right. I can lower it out of the way if needed. The transducer I mounted a 1" ball on the right up next to my front hatch on the black mounting boards and use a "snake" drop (bent tube) for the transducer. I simply lower it in the water when I drop my pedals in. The side image is forward of my pedals and not obstructed. Perfect views in lakes and deep waters. I place the battery in my hatch between my legs and it works fine.
You will not see much of course in shallow water but that 5 feet to the left or right you can see will make a difference when you see structure on the bottom you would have missed by 5 feet by using only DI.
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By kickingback
Here are pics of what i use and how I set mine up.
All the equipment is portable and tidy.
Ball mount on front riveted into my board.
Ball mount riveted on seat for sonar unit.
Where I put my battery (usually in my box but this is just to show you)
This is the transducer on the yak but in the up position (It drags on my trailer so I put it down once in water)
The transducer down (not all the way as I said)
And the unit on my seat. As you can see plenty of room to lower it out of the way. But I have never had the need to lower it. I always have it on and see everything up close!
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By GetBent
I have a lowrance 7ti with total scan transducer. I currently have the arm mount but found that a company named Barley made a cover so you can use it in the Hobie transducer well area.
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By Crusader
If you are into crappie fishing (jigging) you'd want your transducer right where your lure is -- i.e. about 4-5 feet in front of you.

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