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By Ster173
I recently moved back to Kingwood, after living away for a while and am wondering what are the best spots to fish for bass. I used to the golf courses in my younger days but not sure if I want to run from marshals now. I know the YMCA bridge can be good, and have caught a couple of 4 and 5 pounders from Kingwood Lakes, but they are few and far between there. Also a spot in the new build area of Forest Cove but the bass are pretty small there. What are some of the accessible golf course ponds or other spots that are good? Thanks.
By TopCat
I love bass fishing and live in Houston. I was not aware that any golf course lakes are open and accessible. If there are, I would love to hear about them. Also, any decent community lakes that might have decent bass in them.

(Houston but willing to drive for fish!)
By Swampdonkey
Hey guys,

I have been in Kingwood for about 3 years and have found about every place you can launch a kayakand and where the fish stay. I fish about every weekend and am always willing to meet new people and share some spots.
Cooler days coming and cooler nights are here. The fishing will only get better for the next month or so.



By Swampdonkey
MobyYack wrote:im in humble looking to fish luce bayou but unsure of conditions

Luce is good depending on water color havent fished it in a few months though
Im in Kingwood...fish Dunnam, East fork, Forest Cove, Stubblefield, Raven, Sheldon, Tire pond, Moonshine etc.
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By MobyYack
Im in Atascosita and willing to hook up if you guys want to meet up. ive launched at lake houston and ponderosa as well as an occasional duessen park...good to see posts from this area as i have to drive forever to get to the salt and would like a change up every once in a while

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