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By conagher
Has anyone here on the forum done any fly fishing up in the smoke mountains? Good spots to fish. We are planning on heading up that way the middle of October for 3 weeks or so. Any advice on tent camping up that would also be greatly appreciated. Would it be a good idea to take my yak with us?

We just got back home from fishing up in Yellowstone. Fished the Madison, Firehole and Gibbons rivers.

Just saw this, sorry I dont usually look much past the hunting forum. I lived in western North Carolina when I was working for the USFS and can give you some pointers if you ever head back that way.
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By conagher
Thanks for the reply.
We spent 2 weeks up there and had a wonderful time. I could list all the places but some or hard to spell. The fly shops are great to deal. We'll be back late summer and maybe back in the fall. Found a great campground (Smoky Mountain Meadows Campground) out of Bryson City, N.C.

what system are you fishing?

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