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By Blustar29
Anyone have any input on the camping and fishing at Matagorda Bay RV Park? Usually go the Goose Island, but that park is closed due to Harvey damage. The park looks to have multiple fishing options: pier, jetty, surf, bank into the Colorado river, and easy access to marsh areas for the yak. Beyond the fishing, I'm curious about any reviews on the park as a camping destination. Any feed back would appreciated.
If you mean tent camping, then its not really my favorite... Its an rv park! The facilities are great, the access to many different fishing scenes is super. The jetties are really cool. Its not generally crowded. Its one of my favorite places on the coast.

just don't tell anyone else about it! :roll:
By Blustar29
I'll keep it on the DL. I've got a travel trailer, so I won't be tent camping. I've never been there before, it certainly looks like it has lots of options fishing wise. And taking the spouse over to the beach area would be a plus. She loves walking the beach looking for shells and what ever else gets washed up. Thanks for responding.
By hipshot
The RV park has full hookups, which is a plus. The fishing piers are lighted, another plus. It provides close access to a lot of good fishing. In light winds the mosquitoes can be vicious, and the sandspurs are quite prevalent, even though they are very good about keeping the facility mowed. All things considered, the park is high on my list of preferred destinations. In fact, Goose Island SP is the only park I like better -- but for the fishing, not the facility itself

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