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Kayak fishing the Lone Star State...

By F.O.C.
I visited 5 parks. Krause Springs, Inks Lake, Park in Kerrville, Guadalupe State Park, and Lake Corpus Christi. All very beautiful and can't wait to visit again.

sunset inks lake 2.jpg

Kerville teepee 2.jpg


By F.O.C.

and did my cooking with sterno cans and wood using a loaf pan and old grille.


I spent some nights in the van and a few in the tent. Weather was great for sleeping in either. Can't wait to do it again. Hill country is so peaceful. :D
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By Ron Mc
Inks is a great place to paddle, and in the summer you can rent their air-conditioned cabins.
also, Longhorn cavern is next-door, and a great place to cool off in the summer
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By Cuervo Jones
I need to do this some time. I usually take day trips to Palmetto and Beuscher or Bastrop. All have great hiking trails and lots to see. Your post has me thinking of new places to check out.

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