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By beekeeper
It's March now and time to start talking up a river trip. Maybe a Caddo Lake trip.
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By Hirsch
I am off on a hog hunt in South Texas next week, but have been thinking I would like to do the Brazos at Possum Kingdom in late March or early April.

I figure if there is interest the traditional River Dawgs Memorial Day trip would be good.
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By sleepyTX
Gahh, clumsy fingers

March 31 to April 2 Departing Little Webber around 10 am. Day 1 and 2 - 7 miles. Day 3 -5 miles.

Looks like it is going to be a big group. I think 10 have committed already.
By beekeeper
BOPGunner and a couple of others want me to do the Colorado March 25-26. What do you think about that?
By beekeeper
Change of plans. We are doing the Brazos River. We'll put in at the hwy. 16 bridge below Possum Kingdom Dam on Friday morning, March 24. We'll take out Sunday, March 26, at the hwy 16 bridge at Rochelle's. We'll use Rochelle's for transfers and parking.
By beekeeper
I just spoke to Rochelle's Canoe Rental. They want us to call back on Wednesday, to set up transfers for Friday morning. They are short handed on Fridays and she wants us to unload at the river then go to Rochelle's. This will allow one driver to haul all of us back to the bridge in one vehicle. We need to plan this to minimize the number of riders being shuttled.
By squidrow
I am sure we can work this out. Double up if we can and passengers wait with gear. I look forward to being back on the river.
By beekeeper
Ok, team. What time do we tell Rochellle's we will be at their place to be shuttled to the put-in? She said we have to set an appointment, like at the Dr's office, to be ready to go. Think rigid time schedule.
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By Hirsch
I would say 10:00 for distant drivers and those who sleep late. We have a later sunset now so we still should make miles the first day.
We are setting right now at 10. With Rochelle saying she is short handed. If we meet up at 10am. Pay her. Shuttle ourselves. All but the last truck. Tell her 11am . I think we will be good. 1st day is short paddle day. Our first camp site is around 6 mile. Paul, we stayed there the last time you came up. :dance: :dance:
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By Hirsch
I think Lynne and I will be camped at the BRA campsite at the launch point Thursday night.

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