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By shackleford,rusty
Long time lurker, first time poster here. Really enjoy the site, if i can ever get out on the water again, will definitely start doing my part to contribute. Hoping to mine the expansive TKFer knowledge on paddling trips. My buddies and I have done the Devil's the past two years in March and it has been fantastic. Although the fishing was not as good last year and there seemed to be many more people, we still had a great time and the beauty never ceases to amaze me. Trying to convince said buddies we need to switch it up this year and explore some new territory. Looking at upper Brazos below PK, but just from little research I've done, it doesn't look like it can stand up to the Devil's in fishing quality and remoteness (could be way off on these assumptions as my patience for internet searching doesn't last long). Any input on this and/or other stretches of Brazos or other places farther west? 7 day Pecos trip will happen for me one day, but don't think I can convince the buddies to use that many vacation days right now. Any and all input is appreciated.

By texnomad
Regarding the Pecos. Check with Aggroman for possible shorter Pecos trips. I cannot help on other rivers but I would like to mention that Lake Amistad is a great candidate for fishing kayak trips. There is at least one paddling trail set up if I recall correctly.
By beekeeper
I just got home from a TKF trip on the Colorado near Bastrop. We are trying to put together a Fri-Sun, 3 day, 2 night Oct. trip on the Brazos behind PK Dam and going 20 miles. You are welcome to join us. I have boat fished Amistad, the Rio Grande and Pecos in the canyon country and I love it. I also remember how rough and far apart everything is. I won't say one is better than the other, but you should enjoy the Brazos.
By shackleford,rusty
Thanks much for the reply. Looks like there are 5 or 6 paddling trails on Amistad that look pretty cool. Always a trade-off to me fishing big water with chance for bigger fish, but with that comes big winds sometimes (Devils can rear her windy head too for sure). Definitely a trip worth looking into!

Thanks for the input as well. The pictures I've seen look spectacular. The rougher the better for me, but don't know if everyone else in my group feels that way, haha. Thank you for the invite, I'm interested, but pretty sure I have only one free weekend in Oct. left so hopefully it matches up with your trip. The Colorado around Webberville is my home water right now. Been great and not so great this summer. Hoping a few little early cold fronts will change that up a bit. Look forward to seeing reports from your adventure.
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