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By MichaelrAustin
Planned an overnight with my son on the Colorado tomorrow, but he has to work. I'm jonesing for a kayak camp so going solo. Plan on fishing to the island between Little and Big Webberville, camp there, and finish up by 10:00am Sunday. Friend has a birthday I can't miss on Sunday... I'll be in the water at Little Webberville 7:00am if anybody wants to tag along.
By MichaelrAustin
Just an update on the trip. Ended up solo as expected, but I do that quite a bit. Got on the water at 7:30. I believe the humidity was around 100,000% and the same overnight. But it was a good time. Caught some bass, had a great camping spot, campfire, and the flow was perfect.
By MichaelrAustin
larry long shadows wrote:That's a fun section of that river.. but I still haven't done a solo overnighter ..maybe this year.. Glad you got out .. and thanks for posting

I've Solo camped twice from Web - Bastrop. Always exhausted do to time constraints. 2 days to cover 30 miles. Caught a few, but it's more fun to take your time and focus on fishing and camping. This trip was perfect for 2 days. I only camp solo because of crappy scheduling... It's kinda creepy to be honest. Maybe I could schedule something here (what a thought!).
By MichaelrAustin
Welderdude wrote:I don't hunt, so maybe can schedule a trip sometime...i'm not keen on the idea of solo camping either. Did you look at the post for the october trip?

When and where is the October trip?
By MichaelrAustin
techfromheck wrote:How did you put together a shuttle for this run? This is one of my bigger dilemmas with solo trips...how to get back to the car...

Cooks Canoe will shuttle for $20. Or call a friend.
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