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By WisherFisher

I would consider this an accomplishment but for the fact that i have "MAD" Boyscout skills.
I couldn't see spending > $75 for a 10 x 10 pop-up canopy when i wanted something larger. Me, Myself and I, put our collective IQ's together and came up with a step-by-step, one man method of raising any size tarp. Not wanting to over-think my idea, I went with a 12 x 16 for $25. Yesterday i tried it out beachside in a >10 mph wind. It was my first attempt so it didn't go as smoothly as planned, but i still got it done. I caught a lot of giggles and stares from the neighbors seeing it flap around, one guy even offered to help. The stares turned to astonishment when a guy yelled, "Well i'll be damn...thought you was just laying it on the ground like a blanket at first, can't believe you got that up all by yourself". Then he applauded my work :clap:. "Next time it won't take as long, and I'll remember to fly Old Glory", was my reply. Didn't photo this setup. I was half cconfused remembering what went where. Later realizing i had already coded everything but had shorter lengths of rope on the longer pole :lol: Basically i was just making sure my method would work, even for a "almost old" guy with a bad back...like it wasn't nothing.
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By WisherFisher
Yesterday's surf conditions were favorable. Green water was appearing in the surf, maybe 300 yards out...thru RayBan P. lenses. Wasn't as visible to my "good" bad eye.
Don't know who this guy is but he was landing and launching without issue.
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By MobyYack
WisherFisher wrote:
MobyYack wrote:how do you have the stakes anchored into the sand?

Are you refering to the poles or the actual stakes in the ground?

what did you have to do to keep it from blowing away
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