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A guy at the beach said it's illegal to shoot'em. Then he said, "them thar dayum birds taste juz like chickone'...if'n you cooks it riigh. Makes me ask what it would taste like otherwise. He didn't mention if his experience was via a beachkill bird.

So...how do you prepare gull?
Yeah, I looked it up and came across that site earlier. Was just curious as to the viability of gulls as a palatable food sourse during an apocalyptic event, or just being out on the beach starving, lol. I'm reading that they're on the "protected" list anyway. Roadkill or beachsquash may be the only legal option of tasting one unless the already-dead ones are protected too.
I have never partaken in said Sammy the hapless Seagull.

However, there has been many a stranded sailor who has and survived for weeks and months on a diet of fish, seagull and rain water. If there was a partner in the boat who reached room temp then they too might have been on the menu.

During apocalyptic times there are no protected species. You eat what you can kill or take.

So, will I be cooking any soon even if it is roadkill? No, I am comfortable enough in my apocalyptic culinary skills to put that off until needed. :)


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