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By Cuervo Jones
I put together my own based on wilderness first aid courses I've taken. Most important things are bandages of various sizes, a good wrap, ibuprofen, Benadryl, cold compress, dressings, alcohol swabs, triple action antibiotic ointment, nitrol gloves, and tape. Maybe tweezers and shears too. It's far cheaper to make your own and you can make several with the stuff you buy (1 for car, home, kayak, office, etc). I don't bring super duper CPR masks, stitching materials or blood clotter with me when I'm not out on longer trips/remote places since I'll likely bring myself or anyone else to a hospital before trying to reattach their finger or leg and a cpr barrier can be made with a plastic bag. But that's just me.

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By Yakfoot
I make up my own with stuff I know I will use or really might need. I have always been amazed at how much odd stuff all the pre packaged kits have I have reviewed. I put it all in a tupperware container with a good tight lid.

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