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Steer clear of the neches below BA Steinhagen. The river is up and will be for a while. No sand bars to be seen. Probably the same with the Sabine south of Toledo.

I've been dying to make a 1-2 night trip on either the neches or village creek but so far this summer, both have been WAY too high!
I would concur with everyone else on your choices you listed, Colorado.
If you are doing only one night then put in at FM969 and take out at Fishermans Park in Bastrop. You can park there overnight but do not leave anything in your vehicle.
Best campsite will be the BIG island at 30 09 02.35N and 97 20 53.98W. The front of the island is rock mixed with sand and you can pull up and get out easy. If it is too windy on the front you can go to the back of the island and there is a low gravel bar with some sandy very small sandy spots here and there. I had some friends camped there 2 weeks ago and the floods from May/June have really cleaned up the place with plenty of firewood at your doorstep.

Your Sunday paddle to Bastrop is about 1.5-2hrs.

For shuttle you can call Cooks Canoe at 512-461-7139. His name is Neil Cook, tell him Earl from DDRC sent you.

Enjoy and post a report.
The upper Guad could be an option as it is now flowing great with Guadalupe River State Park as your overnight spot. The state park is busy this time of year, but other than in the park you would have the river to yourself. But for ease and known good fishing, I'd go with the Colorado.

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