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By Willy
Everything on South Padre island is booked for late June/early July. Any recommendations of nearby campgrounds? We will be pop-up camping with young kids so electricity (AC) is a plus. Hoping to do some fly fishing so any pointers on places to try without a boat would be greatly appreciated. Not familiar with the area at all.

Thanks all.
By wizard7889
that is true txnomad, but since he is from SA he can drive three hours instead of four. Thanks for the rv guide, it will come in handy when i want to take the Rv.

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By texnomad
Wiz, you are welcome. That is the site I have been using during my full time RV life. Willy, good luck getting a campsite down there but be prepared for some really hot temps and strong winds. There is a government run campground down on the island just to the right after you cross the big bridge. I have never stayed down there because of the crowds. Rockport/Aransas Pass/ Port Aransas is a much calmer area and is my preference. If you follow Wiz suggestion, I really enjoy both Goose Island SP on the bay and Mustang Island SP on the beach. There is good fishing at both of them. Rockport has a wonderful Beach area that great for small kids to play in the water. Check out Rockport Beach Park, it fits young kids very well and makes it easy to keep them busy.
By Willy
Thank you both! I will consider Goose Island ( closer to where I am familiar). Was just considering trying something new. I really appreciate the advice. Do you think it is hotter and windier than Rockport?

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