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By beekeeper
I'm headed to Palo Duro Canyon to camp and hike this week. It's been so long, I'm open to any suggestions
for things to do.
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By Mythman
No much else to do but camp, hike and enjoy the scenery................the musical "Texas" is only produced in the summer months.

Watch for rattle snakes.
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By Hirsch
I only drove through last year when there was snow on the ground. It was beautiful. The staff there can give you some good advice.
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By Firefly49
I've done the horseback riding a few years ago. I don't remember the name of the outfitter we used the last time.... but it was a longer ride and took us way back into some pretty places! Have fun!!
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By Earl
The hiking there is awesome. There are several trails from 2-20 miles, take your pick. I have so many great pictures of wildlife and scenery from that park. Camping is good this time of year before it gets hot and the horseflies are in full attack mode.

Like Mike says watch out for rattle snakes. They will really be out this time of year even in the middle of the day on a cool day. At night they are really working. There was one in the campground a few years back. No big deal just be aware.

Take lots of pictures and give us a trip report.

By beekeeper
The camping and hiking were excellent. I was able to sandwich activities between rains. The entire area has had an unusual amount of rain. It was green and beautiful.
By vstrom650
We stayed there last summer, beautiful place. But yeah, mostly hiking and sight-seeing. No snakes, but some freakishly large lizards and tons of tarantulas. Big hairy jumping monster spiders that would stalk you down and kill you! Or so we thought.

Take lots of water.
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By Salty Bum
jackh wrote:Is that snow in the shadows?

Those canyons are in the panhandle of Texas and get a lot of snow during the winter
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