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By Hirsch
David, Eric and I met yesterday morning at Big Weberville and after a quick shuttle got of aiming for a 2 night trip down to Bastrop. It was cool and rainy until about 2:00 and then cleared off to a nice afternoon. We had no more rain We all had strikes with Eric catching the biggest drum I have seen.We landed on the Island across from the Hyatt Regency resort about 6:00 and settled in for the night.

David found a large hallow log and stood in on end it the fire where it served as a chimney sucking oxygen through the fire. Toward the end of the evening the forecast showed a 90% chance of thunderstorms tonight so we decided to sleep in and pull out early at the FM 969 bridge. The trip came to an end about 2:00 this afternoon. Good company and a good trip.



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By Chief Brody
nice pics, thanks Hirsch.

the picture of the tent with the paddle standing up...reminds me of something:


man - I've got a lot of work to do before I go...
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By Hirsch
Do not take that picture as the standard. :lol: :lol: :lol:

My set up usually looks more like the other tent. I knew the forecast of rain so carried a 9x12 nylon tarp to allow a place for cooking and company for a small group. Now I need a dry day to dry everything. :)
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By Firefly49
Glad ya'll had a good trip despite the rain. I was checking the radar in that area quite often, lol!!!!! How did you get your trucks after taking out from 969?? Good samaritan/ shuttle service?
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By Hirsch
We called the shuttle service who sent a driver down to pick up two of us and then shuttled equipment ourselves.
By rodloos
Sounds like y'all managed an enjoyable trip in spite of the rain, and caught fish even!

Note that the rain wasn't my fault this time, since I wasn't even there! :lol: :mrgreen:

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