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By fishr3
Started the 2014 year off right kayakfishing and camping islands on the Colorado River. Weather forecast and water conditions were perfect so we loaded the kayaks and headed west from Katy in search of outdoor adventure.
Jan. 11-12 my son and I paddled 3 miles upstream from the TPWD boat ramp under Hwy 71B in LaGrange and camped on an island. We walked our boats past a few swift current stretches of river, and paddled the deeper slower pools. The terrain is mostly sand, so be prepared for "beach" camping. We saw lots of waterfowl, heard owls calling, and coyotes howling, and racoons chattering along the riverbank after sun down. It was wild!
Jan. 19-20 we set out for another outdoor adventure with a similar plan. We launched from the boat ramp at Colorado River RV park (Thousand Trails) and paddled upstream 3 miles to another island in the stream. We were happy to be able to paddle the entire stretch without getting out of our kayaks to walk past sections too swift to paddle up. Somes section had very shallow water but we managed to scoot past. We saw ducks and various waterfowl and wild turkeys up on the high bank. I think I may have spotted a bald eagle, but maybe it was a mexican eagle (cara cara).
I'm convinced that river island camping is the way to go. I have several Colorado River islands picked out on google earth maps and plan to try a different one each month if the weather and water conditions are favorable.
Island west of Columbus
Island north of LaGrange
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