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By Hirsch
Saturday morning I got to Rochelles, made final arrangements on my shuttle and was on the water about 10:00. Approximately a mile downstream I was hailed to shore by Mudman (Ken) who introduced himself and offered me a much appreciated cup of coffee. He had arrived Friday and camped a short run below the bridge. We visited and got to know each other as we watched several parties pass.

Close to noon I saw a familiar looking group and hollered out asking if there were any Colorado River dogs in the group. The response was yes, there were a couple. BOP Gunner (Gary), his brother Mike and their Cousin Beekeeper (Jim) joined us quickly as we headed downstream to enjoy a few hours of a nice float. Near 3:00 we pulled into a nice campsite Ken knew and set up for the night gathering a good supply of firewood. Eating and then enjoying a fine evening of of general bull slinging we retired near 10:00 PM. Having experienced problems with raccoons at David's camp I brought my bag of food into the vestibule of the tent and locked down for the night.

The next morning the critters had taken a package of hot dog buns from Mike and to my surprised had slid my food bag out under the vestibule. I went one way looking and ken spotted it another. Fortunately they could not open it. I lost one bag of dried fruit and my gluten free muffins, but nothing else. I had plenty of dried fruit and almonds for breakfast with my tea and the other meals were unmolested.


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By Hirsch
Sunday morning after a breakfast we took time over a second cup of tea or coffee we packed and got on the water close to 10:00. Again the weather was fantastic and the leaves were showing a bit of fall color. We eased along photographing, casting a few lines and enjoying the fine day. That afternoon we pulled into David's camp and we sorely disappointed. Between new fences from the rancher that chopped it into small sections and slob campers the site was ruined. We hurried on another half mile to a second place Ken knew and again enjoyed a fantastic campsite. Wood was a bit harder to find, but again we had a good fire. After a fine evening of good company we his the sack. This time I put the food so a coon would have to crawl over me to get it. I woke several times and felt for it, but it was always there.



I should mention Ken showed a great bit of athletic prowess coming through a rapid when he hit a rock tilting his craft dangerously. He managed to spring out landing on both feet and right the boat before it tipped.
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By Hirsch
Regrettably all good things come to an end when Monday morning arrived to soon. The coons at this site had also attempted to raid us but were unsuccessful as we had taken measure to thwart them. After breakfast we took our group pictures and paced. Ken having a 6 hour drive hurried on and beat us of the river by about 30 minutes. Jim and I saw him driving over the bridge and it came into sight. With a honk and a wave he was off. We were not but about 30 minutes behind.


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