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By Hirsch
DNR and I did a last minute overnight run on the Colorado last week. Fishing was way off with the biggest bass being a 10 1/2" hyrid. Still despite the heat and poor fishing it was a great trip with good scenery and company.


By bjones8103
Where abouts are you on the river, Hirsch? I thought the Colorado would be a lot lower than that as dry as it has been. Great pics.
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By Hirsch
Between Austin and Bastrop. For about 3 weeks they have been releasing about a thousand CFS generating, but reports are they cut back this week to 40 cfs.
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By weekendyakker
Any tips on this area? I'd like to run an early Saturday to Sunday afternoon but have no idea where to leave the truck. Also, would I need to have a friend for pick up or are there local outfitters for hire?
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By Hirsch
There are plenty of islands or sand bars for camping from Austin to Smithville and several good one night trips. Just scan back over the last several years here and you will see many reports. The following companies serve the various areas and services change so check with each.




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By Hirsch
weekendyakker wrote:Yes, I think I got too excited and forgot about the handy dandy search feature. Thank you for the links.

Dogpaddlin just did an exceptional compilation also. :)
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