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By RaW
Just got back from Devils River and thought some of you might want to see some pics. Amazing trip! I am sure there are other posts with many questions answered about the logistics of this trip (permits, reservations, provisions, shuttle, etc) but if you have any questions ask away. Thanks

Just noticed that I cant post more than 3 pics, so I will add others in no particular order...
Across from the takeout
Our takeout at Devils Back in the Big Satan area. Park Police was there to greet us. Very nice and even tried to call shuttle with his sat phone since we arrived early.
By RaW
Looking downriver from 3 Tier
You take the shade where you can find it on the Devils. :-)
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By RaW
One of the wider sections
3 Tier rapids and the gang.
By RaW
One of the springs feeding in. This was upriver from put in.
Good place for a cold one! This was upriver a mile or two from the put in. To go further was not possible due to low water.
Dolan Falls
By RaW
Sunset at the bed and breakfast
Our put in at San Pedro Point in Del Norte area.
By puddler
Nice. Looks like very low water- the upside may be easy riverbed camping?
You gotta have some fish pics! Let's see em!
By RaW
puddler wrote:Nice. Looks like very low water- the upside may be easy riverbed camping?
You gotta have some fish pics! Let's see em!

Yes water was low. We were advised not to put in at Bakers Crossing at this time because of this. Turned out better doing the 15 mile trip than try to force 30 when we would have had to portage a lot. Also supplies (beer) would have run low. :D There were plenty of islands to camp on, no problem there, just wished we knew where they were before we got there. I did not fish ( I know, I know TK Fishermen Sorry ) but the others that did fish were not so lucky... not sure why because I saw many big fish?
By puddler
There might be some trees you could use on the SNA to string a hammock, but don't count on any along the way. I don't believe there are any trees in the legal public camping areas, unless you know a landowner who will grant you access.
I was there last week and I have to say that the river is as bony as I've ever seen it. I'm going to wait until it rains again and we get decent flow before floating the devils again. It's a shadow of its former self right now and too tough on my boat and old legs. The fishing might improve too.
By RaW
fish_hook128 wrote:I am planning a devils river trip in the future. I usual camp out of a hammock. Im not real familiar with the region. Would I have a problem finding fixed objects/trees close together enough and large enough to facilitate a ENO hammock system (http://www.eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com/ ... LK-DH.html). Especially in the State natural areas?

My hammock was usable 2 of 3 nights. We didn't have any problems finding good camping spots.
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